R00K – Sera (CD)

R00K creates one of music’s most interesting tracks with “Sera”. While I must admit that I did not know what to expect when I first got this release to review, the quirky nature of R00K comes through with an expansive track in which the only harmony comes through in the vocals. Repeated listens are necessary to get the true brilliance of “Sera”, as the simplicity of the track belies a complexity that rivals even an orchestra’s work of work. “No More” is a track that defies convention similarly: hints of industrial, electronic, rock, and R&B are turned into a song with an anti-war message, even providing a little bit of a dance groove.

This style is continued into “Eat”, where the vocals and instrumentation are united into a track that will bounce around listeners’ heads for weeks after they put down “Sera”. The soothing, smooth vocals during “Eat” bring R00K alongside acts like Depeche Mode and INXS, and give listeners the extra momentum that they will need to stick with the disc for the rest of “Sera”’s 20 tracks. “Be My Man” is a focused track that is destined for the dance floor, deftly tying eighties dances acts together with current sensibilities and styles. Whether listeners like disco, New Romantic, or straight dance types of artists, R00K comes forth on “Sera” with something for everyone.

Furthermore, R00K expands upon what people expect from their artists, as the different nods that are made to industrial, gothic, and even R&B genres during “Sera” all make for a unique and full-bodied release. “Far”, the disc’s final track, shows a track that puts gospel and soul into the mix, and provides listeners with a possible clue where R00K will go with his next release. Even if that is not the case, “Far” is a track that changes up what listeners expect from R00K, and virtually requires that fans give the disc another listen to see the rest of the album’s tracks in a different light. The richness of the disc means that, even though I’ve listened to the CD a few times now, that I will continue to listen to the disc to glean a better understanding of what R00K is trying to do here.

Top Tracks: No More, Cruel

Rating: 8.6/10

R00K – Sera / 2009 Self / 20 Tracks / http://www.rookmusic.com

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