The Beautiful Mistake and Ettison Clio – Split (CD)

“Of Human Bondage” is the first track on this split EP, and its spread-out strains of music gradually coalesce into something much more heavy and compelling than its constituent parts. While the style that The Beautiful Mistake play on this track is unmistakably emo, there are brief forays into “Synchronicity”-era Police and a martial drumming that resounds with a number of different eras. The swirling guitar lines present in this track draw individuals away from the tangible and make something that is not immediately dissectible – individuals will have to reserve judgment until they’ve listened to the disc multiple times before they could give a firm opinion on the band.

The second track, “Burned Out and Broken In”, takes a little longer than “Of Human Bondage” to get a solid format. What it lacks in definition at the early parts of the track, it more than makes up for pure emotional involvement for listeners that give a few minutes to the band. Each of The Beautiful Mistake’s three songs on this split end a few seconds after the four minute mark, and this constancy is something that is mirrored in the solid musicianship that individuals will immediately hear in these tracks. Ettison Clio’s tracks end this split, and from the start of “On The Inside”, the band distinguishes themselves from The Beautiful Mistake. If someone pulls back far enough, they can say that both bands play a form of emo rock; however, in this genre the bands occupy two very different positions. The style of music that Ettison Clio create is something that is richer than just emo; this is more along the lines of The Anniversary or Rainer Maria than anything that resembles the run of the mill emo band.

The music that constitutes “On The Inside” actually goes as far back as Petra and Nelson for a style that hits upon a number of musical styles of varying eras. The harder style that opens up “The Victim’s Thrall” furthers shows the ability of Ettison Clio, something that is especially shown with the dichotomy between the harder music and Stephanie’s vocals. The two bands play styles that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both share a talent that surpasses pretty much anyone else that is trying to do the same style of music in the current period. Hopefully both bands can come up with some newer music in the next few months or year to further whet individuals’ appetites.

Top Track: Ettison Clio “The Victim’s Thrall”

Rating: 6.7/10

The Beautiful Mistake and Ettison Clio – Split / 5 Tracks / / / Reviewed 10 April 2006


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