The Berserker – S/T (CD)

The Berserker – super-unintelligible CD from Earache Records, which is pretty much the prevailing style there. Tons of screaming, 160 bps drums, and very little melody of which to speak. Clips from an unknown movie are contained on the CD. I personally want to watch this movie, as it talks about raping a headless body. “Burnt” begins as a track heavily skipping, which is relatively interesting, but it moves into a much more melodious piece. More rough, repetitive noise follows in “Pain”, with no majorly impressive pieces save that which briefly precedes the chorus.

Sporting some faux-Slayer riffs at the beginning, “Massacre”, breaks down into a bizarre repetitive guitar riff, moving then into a modified, yet still unintelligible mantra. Also, it can be said that “Massacre” contains the first piece of melody on this CD. “Chronological Order of Putrefaction” begins as “Trans-Europe Express”, then moves back into more of the same style of Berserker, oscillating between the two styles. “Sit Down” is depressingly normal, and “February” begins with a very heartening black metal entrance before sliding into death metal mixed with violins and a drum machine.

With this album, I notice a few fundamental problems that sincerely bother me. Including the highly repetitive and tiring guitar riffs, another problem is reached with the utterly, lengthy openings that the Berserker feel like they have to attach to every song. The last five or so tracks are of no consequence, and “95” takes the cake for being the most annoying song on this disc. Buy this CD, if you really want, at any underground music shop, or go to their web site at:

Rating 5.2/10.

The Berserker – S/T

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