The Biltmores – Same Story, Same Ending (CD)

The Biltmores play a very contemplative brand of indie rock that individuals will first encounter during “Buried Underground”. The beginning of the track is nothing to write home about, but the band does well in adding additional layers to the track, under there is a Primus meets Rise Against funk. This groove is something impressive, provides individuals something to dance to, and is fundamentally different from anything else that anyone can find. The track is closer to the five minute mark than anything, but the band is able to incorporate a number of different styles to keep interest high and energy even higher. In much the same way as the track that preceded it, “Emily Sleeps” starts out slowly while The Biltmores lay out the foundation, and the track gradually grows in size, layers, and speed until the dramatic climax is achieved.

During “Emily Sleeps”, it sounds almost as if The Biltmores have achieved the sound of the spirit of Kevin Smith movies, as a blend of Weezer and Soul Asylum greets listeners. Since Latterman seems to have packed it in, The Biltmores may just be my favorite indie cum punk act; each of the track, while coming from a very softly-spoken indie format, gradually comes into punk fury. The number of styles achieved by The Biltmores on “Same Story, Same Ending” is enough to make the most talented musicians jealous; the pop-style created by the band will make the ten-million sellers of the genre green with envy. The only thing that could use a little bit of a tweak is the lead singer’s vocals. While they do provide some sort of cohesion throughout the whole of “Same Story, Same Ending”, they sound the same through all tracks, whether it be “Weight of the World” or “Buried Underground”.

A little more variation in the vocal department would be the only thing that I would consider changing about The Biltmores at this point of time; they are amazing otherwise. Tracks like “Salt” show that the band’s instrumental ability know no bounds, whether it be the intricate opening or the bouncing pre-chorus lines achieved by the band. The band will be big as soon as PR people from a label like Polyvinyl or Dischord pick them up; the band has all the energy of early nineties acts while still having something fresh and current to give fans in 2007. Pick it up.

Top Tracks: Salt, Emily Sleeps

Rating: 7.0/10


The Biltmores – Same Story, Same Ending (CD) / 2006 Self / 13 Tracks / Reviewed 06 May 2007

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