Blocko-Blocko (CD)

British band with very complexly mixed arrangements. Blocko is a pop-punk band with a slight hind of indy rock, with very speedy driving drumbeats and heavy bass use .In fact, all bases are equally covered by the band, as one second there is a bass solo, the next a killer drum beat. The songs are very catchy, as the bass lines are the most enjoyable part of the album, next to the drums. They sound like 2039-era Green Day, with the upbeat sounding yet depressing songs, but played much more tightly then Green Day., While Blocko is a good band, their songs are fairly standard, except for the weird arrangements and chords, using some that are traditionally not used in pop-punk. This little bending of the rules helps the EP escape total anonymity and causes me to respect Blocko more, since they are not afraid to do what they want with their music. Get in touch with Blocko at or



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