Bold – The Search: 1985-1989 (CD)

It is immediately noticeable that Bold is an older band; the recording on the opening track “Burning Like Thieves” is slightly rough. However, the fury in which they play their music is as unadulterated and as current as a band coming out today. The mixture of punk and metal that seems to be the primary influence behind Bold’s music is exactly what “hardcore” music came from; hints of Metallica and Venom shine through just as visibly as do Agnostic Front and The Misfits.

“You’re The Friend I Don’t Need” shows that not every hardcore band needs to wrap up songs in less than two minutes; Bold’s strength is increased in the sense that they were able to come through and create full-length song without having the dreadful repetition that factors in so heavily on many a punk band’s sound (Misfits and Ramones, to name a few). Aside from the history that Revelation restores to prominence by collecting these tracks, the thick lyric booklet does a lot to fans both new and old. The lyrics for these tracks are essential, as the recording and Matt’s vocal delivery sometimes make the lyrical content obtuse. While I was only a few years old when the original 7 inch was release, the earth-shaking sound that it contained stil is audioble through the fuzz and the twenty years that have passed. Thirty-two tracks await the listener, and this alone should be enough of a reason to pick up the album. The band may have maintained their signature sound throughout their four years, but none of the cuts on the disc are trite or reliant on dated arrangements.

The reverse-chronology of “The Search” allows listeners to hear the band as they were at their pinnacle; while it may be a hassle to hear the musical progression of the band, Revelation has definitely allowed Bold’s strongest side to shine. Much like the earliest Queers song, tracks like “Respect” have a certain charm to them that is just not found on later tracks. Perhaps it is the more straightforward style of Bold during the track, perhaps it is also the sound of the track (one can almost imagine sitting in the basement watching Bold play their hearts out. For those that have the bold recordings, the inclusion of the pre-Bold band Crippled Youth is a sound for sore ears, as the metal side of Bold has not really developed to the degree that it would by “Looking Back”. Strong, fun and hard-hitting through thirty-two tracks, this album is for fans of youth, hardcore, punk, and even crust.

Top Tracks: Respect, Running Like Thieves

Rating; 7.9/10

Bold – The Search: 1985-1989 / 2005 Revelation / 32 Tracks / / Reviewed 20 September 2005

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