Mean Girls (Blu-Ray)

The transfer over the Blu-Ray does provide purchasers with a significantly sharper picture and audio quality over the standard DVD release. What was originally just seen as a revamp of Heathers works on its own 5 years after the original version was released. The TrueHD version of the audio makes for a lush soundscape of voices, ambient noise, and music, at a level that would please even those individuals that originally watched the movie in theaters.

While the upgrade of the movie constitutes a solid enough reason to purchase the Blu-Ray edition of Mean Girls, Paramount has really taken that strong step forward in placing a number of additional features on this release. Of particular note would have to be the discussion that is hard regarding the basing of Mean Girls on the classic book Queen Bees and Wannabes, in particular showcasing the similarities and differences between the two. While many that have went to American high school will know quite well what is being talked about during “The Politics of Girl World”, some facts will be surprising to those that take the plunge. For those that wish to have a little bit less in the way of heady fodder, “Word Vomit” is asset of outtakes that showcase the human side of the actors and actresses that made Mean Girls into such a solid film.

April sees a number of different titles from the oughts being released on Blu-Ray, but it may just be Mean Girls that “deserves” to be transferred over the most. This is due to the solid nature of the movie, the transfer of the film itself, and the countless bonus features that Paramount has placed into this package. If you like witty comedies and some of the best young actors of the current era, Means Girls should be the next movie that you pick up for Blu-Ray. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 8.4/10

Mean Girls (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Paramount / 97 Minutes/

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