Vinny Blessed – Music Train (CD)

An example of poor graphic design hits purchasers of this album right after they unwrap this album. The black text on lighter black backdrop means that individuals will not be able to see who produces the track unless they get about two inches away from the disc. This problem is lessened when individuals put the disc into the player, as the production is really clean for a smaller-market rapper. The backing beats on all of the tracks on “Music Train” are interesting but perhaps have a common thread in the fact that there is not much in the way of an organic sound to any of them. That means that each drum beat and synthesizer line here is done perfectly; while individuals may not tend to categorize this as a problem, there is a problem when Vinny Blessed rocks the same beat without much of anything changing for four minutes.

The most obvious piece of Vinny’s presentation are the flows that adorn each of the disc’s fourteen cuts. These flows are perhaps the strongest part of the disc, as there are very few times where it seems as if Vinny tries to force phrases into the flow or is without anything to say. Another thing that needs to be categorized as a positive is that Vinny’s flow quite often jumps into a bilingual attack, which exponentially increases the amount of rhymes that ey can make. Aside from that, this Spanish/English mixture will titillate listeners and show listeners that Vinny has specific talents that other rappers simply do not have. Each of the tracks on “Music Train” would sound fine on BET or mTV; songs like “Cuerpo” have the wide-open spaces and inorganic backing beats of a Pharrell. Songs that may not seem ready for the big time (songs like “La Calle”) are not bad in any sense of the term; they perform their middle of the disc (placeholder_ roles admirably.

Fifty-five minutes later, Vinny Blessed has came up with an album that has a tremendous amount of cohesion with only a minimum amount of repetition amongst the 15 cuts of the album. Consider the fact that there are no skits on this album, and individuals will have nearly an hour of solid raps to bob one’s head to. One of the better up and coming rappers, Vinny Blessed will have to continue working at a high level to dethrone Sean Paul and other foreign language-using rappers in the next few years.

Top Tracks: Hey Yo, La Loca

Rating: 5.9/10

Vinny Blessed – Music Train / 2005 Mia Mind / 14 Tracks / / / Reviewed 25 February 2006


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