Brains No More – Right to Be Angry (CD)

16 Songs, made in 1999 on X-treme records. Brains no more is a Netherlandian punk band that has been around for 9 years, and features former members of the Bingo’s (Ton), Poisoned by Alcohol , Bingo’s and Bombix (Beer). They have to be a fairly large band, as they have played with the Exploited, UK Subs, Leatherface, and Dayglo Abortions.

This CD is the first studio release that these guys have did, and the CD is 38:30 long, averaging out to about 2 minutes, 24 seconds a song. Brains No More’s music is a very fast, loud, and brash version of punk that is very listenable. Brains No More is the 4th band in a row that have included lyrics with the CD, but for the most part they aren’t needed, as the vocals are clear and listenable. “He’s Gonna Get You” begins with a guitar piece that sounds a great deal like Metallica, leading to a song that is very catchy, with strong guitar lines and a fun chorus. I just realized that the lyric sheet only includes 4 of the 16 songs, but it really isn’t a problem with the vocals rising about all the instruments. No bass has been heard on this album, but the very talented guitars and insane drumming more then make up for the lack of a noticeable bass. “Out Of Control” has all of the elements that make a punk song great, with excellent vocals, a catchy chorus, and speedy drumming.

“Nag Nag Nag”” finally gives me what I have been hungering for, that sweet noise of a bass guitar in a song that includes a argument as a interlude. On their promo sheet, Brains No More talk about having the rough edges on the album, but I really can’t hear any of them. The recording is incredibly professional, without any noticeable mistakes. Unlike tons of CD’s that I have reviewed, this CD has no weak songs, no stupid people trying to be funny, just pure punk rock from this European band.

If you like bands like Troublepeach or Cornholio, chances are that you will like Brains No More. Brains No More, along with the previous bands that I have mentioned, are the leaders of the metal punk movement in Europe, a genre that is gaining adherents all the time. If this is what Brains No More truly sounded like live, as their promo sheet says, I would be very impressed. To get this album ,write PO Box 619, 3100 AP Schiedam, the Netherlands, or go to, or email beer at

Rating 8.1/10

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