Brokenheartsclub – Sciencia (CD)

Understanding that disc is just a promotion, the recording on “Sciencia” is mucky beyond belief, and as a result, the vocals and guitars tend to get meshed together. However, like the great band Fade Out, Brokenheartsclub is another band that is truly a diamond in the rough. While it takes me sticking my ear up to my stereo to discern exactly what the hell is happening, each and every part of Brokenheartsclub makes an album truly for those spontaneous punks.

If a whole genre of music wasn’t named thrash, I would have to give Brokenheartsclub that title, as the spontaneity of each track in turn drives the listener into a thrashing, writhing mess. Where “Take it and Make it Your Own” really was driven more by the screeched-out vocals, the following track “Seraphim” is much more of a team effort, one in which everything, whether it be the vocals, drums, guitars, or bass, is heard. To boot, slaying guitar riffs makes this track stand out all that much further from an already memorable disc. Unbound by the standard time signatures or the rules that dictate only guitars and basses can play punk currently plaguing most of current punk rock, Brokenheartsclub makes music on their own time, literally. By all means, get this disc. This is where the next big thing will be, and frankly, do you want to be the last person on your block to buy a Brokenheartsclub disc?

Top Track : “Sapentia”

Rating : 8.5/10

Brokenheartsclub – Sciencia / 5 Songs / Self-Released / / 1088 Park #1021, Austin, Texas 78753 / /

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