Brown Sox – Music To Quilt By (CD)

Even though Music To Quilt By is over three years old, the band was forward-thinking enough to make a hard-rock disc in the form of what is currently popular. However, there are some interesting derivations from the norm on Music To Quite By, especially the weird “Popcorn”-esque electronic noise stuck at the end of the first track, “She Wants”. Brown Sox play a style of hard rock that is musically fulfilling as well as technically outstanding in all aspects, something that bands like Trapt and Linkin Park could never claim. Moving fairly quickly from nu-metal to a Dave Mustaine-style vocals and Slayer guitars in “Porksta”, Brown Sox don’t necessarily need to be stuck in one specific style of music to gain a loyal fanbase. Hell, there’s even a homage to Ugly Kid Joe and Green Day on “Music To Quilt By” that illustrates the extremity of this policy. “PunkNnutz”, the track in question, is also the most catchy and up-tempo track on the disc.

With a strong bass presence, the follow-up to “PunkNnutz”, “Left By Try” has a wonderful open sound to it that shows their Pink Floyd influence. The recording is a bit on the compressed side for all of “Music To Quilt By”, but the technical virtuosity shown by each of the members really outshines any deficiencies in recording. The melodramatics found in a track like “Join Together”, with over the top vocals and dual-harmonies weaving their way through the overly distorted guitars and brutal drums, work well for a capable band like Brown Sox. Even at the high quality that most of “Music To Quilt By” achieves, there are still times on this disc that shows that Brown Sox are not infallible. At the end of practically every track on “Music To Quilt By”, there are minor little additions to the tracks that are always weak, whether they be drum-machines and cheesy synths or any other instrument.

Brown Sox are a talented band when the tempo is quick and the music is heavy, but some of the more contemplative tracks, such as “Sheep Date”, drag on too long and showcase the singer’s deep-found admiration of the aforementioned Dave Mustaine. “Music To Quilt By” is a solid disc to begin with, but as it spins on, more of the slow-tempo tracks real their heads, and the vocal distortion creeps in practically at the same time. An uneven effort, but I have no doubt the Brown Sox could be at the top of the heap if they decided to diverge from the sludge-rock that muddies up the second half of the disc.

Top Tracks: PunkNNutz, Porksta

Rating : 5.5/10

Brown Sox – Music To Quilt By / 2001 Self-Released / 14 Tracks / / Reviewed 05 August 2004

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