Busy Signal-Demo (CD)

This band from Detroit/Ann Arbor is a punky Monster Magnet/Corrosion of Conformity style band that has an extreme dependence on the amazing bass lines that are put out by Oliver Blades. Busy Signal is a very innovative band, playing a style of self-proclaimed punk that is totally independent of most of the current punk bands out on the market today.

The vocalist definitely has a unique sounding voice, reminding one of a Kurt Cobain or Gavin Rossdale. Busy Signal is also unique in the fact that the bass player plays some of the most noticeable parts on the CD. Oliver is at the level of bass playing that someone like Matt Freeman from Rancid or David J from Bauhaus has. This band definitely has potential to go far in the music industry, as the tightly written songs on this disc indicate a deep pool of talent to draw from. Some of the most effective guitar lines I have heard in the last few years come from “Will”, the lies of which haven’t been approached for years. It is really refreshing to see bands use different sounds instead of the same three chords that punk music has become synonymous with in the last few years. “Will”, in fact, sounds more like it should be in a 70’s collectors stack of records, as the lyrics are amazing and the guitars are plush. Email them at busysignal@usa.com or go to http://busysignal.Indiegroup.com or mail them or mail them at Busy Signal, PO Box 8225, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48107


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