Cadet – Cadet (CD)

13 songs, released in 2001 on BEC Recordings. Cadet is a 3 piece band whose CD clocks in a 43:20, or about 3:32 a song. Cadet is a very clear sounding Christian punk band who begins to impress with “Speed of Sound” using a synth and also laying the bass on heavily creates a toe-tapping song which owes more to the Presidents of the United States then anything.

Punk bands that successfully incorporate another instrument into the mix that usually including bass, guitar and drums are truly a rare find, and not since the Red Hot Valentines has the band so successfully used a synth. Also prevalent on this disc, especially on “God-Man”, is a very heavy surf sound. Cadet is so much more then a punk band, as in songs such as “Precious One”, the vocal talents of Ryan really come into play. Cadet is a band whose songs can be placed in one of three major categories: God, Love, or Loving God. “The Girl” has a very grungy, pseudo Silverchair/Weezer sound to it, while adding more of that wonderful synth to the eclectic mix of inspiration.

Bass playing that is talented always gets bonus points, and bands that start off a song with an excellent bass line are always loved. After the Southern-style lounge style of “Gremmy”, an excellent cover of Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer” follows. The cover begins more slowly then most of the CD, adds a rougher, more needed edge to the disc. A lighter mood prevails during the middle of the CD, especially noticed during “Fantasy” and “Beyond”. Some of the most talented guitar on the CD is found during one of the most profound songs on the CD. A more heavy guitar track that seems more suited to a heavier band is found, but works well in keeping the CD as a whole fresh and shows that Cadet is more talented then most Punk bands out there today. A more upbeat song, on par with New Found Glory and Blink 182 is to be found in “Talent Show” “Spoon” has many layers of instrumentation with another song deep in meaning. In “Crack This Code”, a very upbeat song actually has very depressing lyrics, such as “Whenever hope is born it always ends up dying”, which is good because avid listeners will actually think about these lyrics. “Land of the Living” is a very fitting ending to a very eclectic CD that always comes back to praising God.


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