Candella – EP (CD)

“Fragile” is the first Candella track that I was turned on to, and what is immediately noticeable about the track is the energy that each member of the band brings to the track. While the instrumental intensity of Candella can never be questioned, the emotive vocals bridge the gap between emo and metal, making for a track that goes in countless directions, whether it be resembling Three Days Grace, Trapt, 30 Seconds to Mars , and Breaking Benjamin. “Numb” is a track that showcases the band’s ability, coming forth from much different influences than “Fragile”.

The sheer amount of variety that can be heard between tracks on the EP is impressive; the band goes through countless different styles, genres, and sounds in the creation of what is a truly unique rock experience. The use of multiple vocal layers on “Numb” provides the band with yet another tool in their arsenal; pound for pound, Candella is one of the best hard rock bands out there. “The Trail” is one of the tracks that is destined to be played on rock radio for decades after it first hits; there is an epic quality to this track that puts Candella alongside luminaries like Audioslave and Tool, even mixing in a little Type O Negative at the periphery.

The technical aspect of the band’s arrangements here are akin to a Queens of a Stone Age or even a Dream Theater; Candella brings the heavy just as they bring a more enlightened, intricate sound to their EP. “Lock and Load” is yet another slam dunk for Candella; the band continues to innovate with the inclusion of a more funk / tribal breakdown, making for a chorus that will not leave listeners’ minds, no matter how long it had been since they first listened to this CD. There seems to be a stale air in hard rock music as of late; I believe that Candella is the act to open the doors and let an entirely new light in. Check this release out, see them live, and you’ll have a new band to jam out to.

Top Track: Lock and Load

Rating: 8.6/10

Candella – EP / 2009 Self / 5 Tracks /

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