Forever (DVD)

Who would honestly think that a film about a cemetery would be interesting in the slightest? Heddy Honigmann, whom individuals may know from O Amor Natural, knew that eir talent was at a level that ey could make a bunch of stones on a grassy field interesting. There are a few bonus features, with traditional materials like the original trailer along with a bio/filmography of Heddy Honigmann for individuals to peruse. The particular cemetery that Honigmann covers here is the Pere-Lachaise, which most individuals may know as being the interment place of individuals like Chopin, Jim Morrison, and Marcel Proust.

Far from being some fort of Warhol film where the camera does not move from the gravestones themselves, Forever goes into depth regarding the people that are present at the cemetery. On the one hand, there are a number of normal Parisians that see the cemetery as something special, but nothing too far out of the ordinary. Far more interesting over the course of the movie would have to be the individuals that are going over to Paris to view the cemetery. A number of them seem to be focused on the star of their dreams, someone like the individuals listed, but there also seems to be a number of individuals that just revel in the fact that this is some cemetery in a foreign land, something somewhat different than the ones that they have been used to in the past (and in their country of origin).

The video quality of Forever is sharp and viewers are never wondering exactly what someone has said; the different shots that are present during the film just seems to add a certain atmosphere to the film that sticks throughout. I know that documentaries are sometimes hard to watch if they are not an individual’s cup of tea, but I would have to suggest Forever to anyone that wants to see an engrossing and really interesting look at a place that many people just take for granted (or go once a year, at best).

Rating: 8.5/10

Forever (DVD) / 2009 Icarus Films /

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