Hallelujah! The Complete Collection (DVD)

When one thinks about exactly how many shows still have not had the chance to be transferred to the DVD medium, the number is simply astounding. There are even web sites active right now that are all for the preservation of these older shows, and I would have to think that people on those web sites would be ecstatic because Hallelujah! has made the leap over to the DVD format. Many individuals that are reading this may not be too familiar with the show, but that’s understandable: the show had its heyday from 1981 to 1984, and when one considers the advent of VHS tapes coming a little after that, its not surprising that Hallelujah! really is a hidden gem of British comedy.

The show surrounds Captain Emily Ridley (played here by Thora Hird, who had recently came over from In Loving Memory), a fish out of water. This is due to the fact that eir style of preaching is not anything that will reach the then-current type of sinners, and this ultimately brings Emily to the realization that the only way to combat these social issues is to fight tooth and nail in the dirtiest and lowliest places around. While some of the jokes may seem a little dated, there is a sort of commanlity present in each of these episodes that will ensure that viewers will readily be able to identify with Emily and the rest of the cast (headed up by Patsy Rowlands as Sister Alice).

Despite the fact that having Hallelujah! captured in this format is well worth the $40 MSRP for the series, Acorn Media has taken that one extra step and have placed for viewers’ delights a solid featurette. This featurette, dealing with the History of the Salvation Army, gives a little background to the position of the organization in the time frame that Hallelujah! originally took place.

Rating: 8.3/10

Hallelujah! The Complete Collection / 2009 Acorn Media / 355 Minutes / http://www.acornmedia.com

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