Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot to Kill Hitler (DVD)

Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot to Kill Hitler is a historical piece that looks to showcase information about the real life plot that was the influence for the 2008 hit Valkyrie. At over three hours (including bonus materials), it looks to go into the finest detail regarding every single aspect of the plot, plus a number of ancillary matters that were important for setting the stage for the plot (as well as those things that were influenced by this plot). For those individuals that do not know the story behind this plot, it surrounds Claus von Stauffenberg and a number of allies that looked to dethrone and assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Operation Valkyrie uses a number of different and distinct ways to explain exactly how the plot began and how everything ultimately went awry. The use of recreations along with CG rendering provides an air of authority to the release that would not normally be there, while featurettes like “The Eva Braun Films” go further into Hitler’s mind than had previously been possible.

Another featurette, the interview that was conducted with Philipp Baron von Boeselager (the last individual that was still alive from the conspiracy), provides information that could only be known by someone that was close to Stauffenberg; it is glorious to see this recorded before von Boeselager goes the way of the rest of eir colleagues. If you like to have better historical information before going into a movie and want to see one of the two movies created regarding this event, buy Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot to Kill Hitler.

Rating: 8.0/10

Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot to Kill Hitler (DVD) / 2009 E1 / http://www.operationvalkyriedvd.com

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