Table for Three (DVD)

Table For Three is an interesting type of film, being a romantic comedy that does not tend to fall into the same traps that other films of the genre are apt to. This Anchor Bay release is one in which up and coming actors take a genre and stand it on its ear, giving future films a new blueprint which to work off of. This means that Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill), and Jesse Bradford (Bring It On) all turn in stellar performances. Tables for Three begins with Scott (Routh) having a completer life shake-up, after both eir roommate and fiance depart from eir life.

Soon after, a couple – Bradford and Bush – enter into the picture and further turn Scott’s life topsy-turvy. The film itself seems to have something in common with the underrated classic Threesome, in which a similar trouble encounter problems and struggle to bring normalcy to their lives. Where Threesome was much more dramatic, Tables for Three has its fair share of comedy strewn throughout. The dynamic between each of the trio of main characters and the rest of the supporting cast (which is rounded out with Liza Lapira (21) and Johnny Galecki (Roseanne) transforms this from an ordinary romantic comedy into something that is a highlight of 2009.

There are a few additional features that will further ensnare viewers. The audio commentary that is present for Tables for Three taps director Michael Samonek, while the trailer showcases in a nutshell what the film’s most important points were. While individuals will have already seen the film by the time they get to the trailer, I feel that this trailer may bring up some points and methods of reference that viewers might not have employed. Finally, the “Three’s A Crowd” featurette provides further context that may just bring viewers to set down to watch the film for a second (or third) time. Of course, the audio and video transfer of this film is solid, ensuring that dialogue is clear and all different locales are represented in their normal brilliance. Check out this film if you want to see a genre-bender that never fails to impress.

Rating: 8.0/10

Table for Three (DVD) / 2009 Anchor Bay / 93 Minutes /

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