The Boxer (DVD)

It has been a while since I had heard anything from Stacy Keach. In fact, the last time that I heard eir name mentioned, it was as the father in Titus. This role is very different in regards to that, and it showcases much more of Keach’s tremendous acting ability than the aforementioned show. The story revolves around Keach’s character, Joe Miller, and eir young charge, Ben Wilson (played by Joshua Dallas from The Descent: Part 2”).

Through Miller’s knowledge, Ben is groomed to become the best possible boxer. Whether Ben will listen enough to Miller’s teachings and actually find the courage inherent in eir heart is something up for question, but the colorful characters and plot-driven story will ensure that viewers are sitting at the edges of their seats. There are only a few bonus features present on this DVD (a “Making Of” featurette and a trailer, but viewers should look into this release for the compelling and interesting story that is laid out in all 94 minutes of The Boxer.

While the name of the film may be similar to The Wrestler, the story is better acted and can be better placed alongside the original Rocky in terms of development and storyline. I would personally love to see how Michael Souvignier would continue the line first drawn on The Boxer with a sequel; perhaps there will actually be a Rocky line that does not peter out as severely as the titled one did. With more realistic movies being the talk of the town (the previously mentioned Wrestler and the piss-poor Fighting), it is really nice to see that there is a film that has an underdog pitted up against a larger than life villain. Perhaps Image will be able to tie the fate of the film to the new Punch-Out game that is debuting here soon.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Boxer (DVD) / 2009 Image / 94 Minutes /

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