Cause For Diversion – Shattered EP (CD)

One note before this review: if you have seen this band live, you must expect something almost totally different from what you experienced at the show. This album, from last year, really demarcates another stage in the continuous development of Cause for Diversion. What is now a very melodic post-hardcore band is recorded on this disc to be much more sedate musically. There are seconds, like in “Sucker Punched”, when the seeds of what CFD were to become are littered throughout the song, but the vast majority of the CD finds the band in this pre-postcore state. Not that this state is bad at all; there are definitely seconds where Brendan sounds like the vocalist for At the Drive-In, Thursday, or even Conor Oberst during his Desparecidas days. Much more contemplative than their live show, and I even wonder if they would have the same audience for their live show and their disc. What really hits live audiences as a wall of sound comes out to be more than just that, and even some talent-laden guitar lines start to show themselves on this disc. Time will only tell if the discrepancy between the live and studio versions of Cause for Diversion will be lessened, but I know that this disc is one that I will always see as necessary to listen to to properly get what Cause for Diversion is about.

Rating: 6.8/10

Cause For Diversion – Shattered EP / 2002 / 5 Songs / $3 / Self-Released /

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