Che Chapter 127 – Profit Prophet (CD)

Political Punk a la Rage Against The Machine funneled through a pop machine. This band is a mix of RATM with pop-punk (The Donnas), and when I say the Donnas, I mean a strong female presence at the vocals. The politics of the band are truly worn on their sleeve, showcasing them as direct action, anarchists, and as people that don’t force their listeners to believe in a specific dogma. Simply, they go and put out the message that what is currently being put out by popular culture, media, government is wrong, and whatever way you choose to take the controlling forces of a corrupt government down, it is all good and cool. Aside from the politics of the band, the music that they play really drives one to be totally and utterly energized, as the heavy guitars and catchy hooks remind one of a Deftones with talent, a Bad Religion turned down a few steps, a Bif Naked with political leanings. Get this album. Honestly, if any of the bands that I’ve mentioned in this review sound good, pick up this CD. If the ideas that I have claimed the band stands for excites you, buy this album. They are on G7 Welcoming Committee, and being on a label so large, I would have to assume that they would be stocked in any fine and reputable independent record store.

Che Chapter 127 – Profit Prophet


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