Ghostbusters (Blu-Ray)

Ghostbusters was one of the first films that I remember watching. I have no doubt that this was after its original theatrical release, as I would have been 1 when the film was first released. Regardless of that, it remains as one of my favorite movies of all-time. This Blu-Ray edition shows me exactly how seeing it in its theatrical run must have been like originally; the clarity of the print here is without comparison. Where there seemed to be some muted pieces of the dialogue and the incidental music, Sony has ensured that everything crackles with cleanliness.

While an extremely small type of matter, the inclusion of a large number of subtitles (which goes as far out as including Arabic and Dutch) showcases the amount of work that was done in regards to this release. This amount of work only is shown to be greater when viewers get to the Blu-Ray exclusives on the release, meaning that there are miniature games and trivia placed alongside photo galleries and featurettes that are able to provide tremendous back story and bridge the gap that twenty-five years from the original release to this has created.

However, one of the best additions to this release would have to be the featurette that surrounds the creation of special effects for the movie. Taking a look into the creative process and the abilities of special effects creators in 1984 and comparing it to the toys available to current generations of SFX creators will open eyes, regardless of how much stock viewers typically put into those types of things. I would love to see the second Ghostbusters title and even the later cartoon (if Sony has access to it) to be given a similar Blu-Ray treatment; purchaser this Blu-Ray and go to see the third installment, whenever it may come out.
Rating: 9.2/10

Ghostbusters (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Sony / 105 Minutes /

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