The C Elliot Project – Indicia EP (CD)

The guitar work that starts up the “Indicia” EP is reminiscent of late-nineties Christian rock music, in the vein of a Delirious? or even a Switchfoot. The fact is that The C Elliott Project is ready to take the radio world by storm, and as soon as they wrap up a video, they can take the video world by storm. While individuals might have a problem with how full of treble a song like “Light It Up” might be, I feel as if The C Elliott Project is really able to make the track shine.

“Redemption” is a slower track, and allows the emotional content of the vocals to be present in a way that simply was not present during “Light It Up”. It is not as if “Light It Up” was missing anything fundamental, but rather that the two tracks are trying to do two very different things. “Ever Wanted” is yet another way that The C Elliott Project is able to bring in listeners to the flock. The acoustic nature of the track provides individuals with something else to snag onto; while there is always something that can be said about a disc that works within a small swath of sounds, “Indicia” thrives on having different sounds throughout. The only thing that could be heard to be common through all of the tracks on the disc has to be the solid production values, as well as the radio-friendly style of the act throughout. “Unfrozen” is perhaps the standout track on the disc, as it has The C Elliott Project moving into a Depeche Mode / New Order style for the instrumentation while the vocals slip into a more Morrissey meets Elvis type of croon. The result is yet another hit for the band on the “Indicia” EP.

The one thing that would be interesting to hear is when the band gets their stuff together for a full length, whether they can have the same energy and hit after hit nature of “Indicia”. I have a feeling that with all the small successes on “Indicia” that The C Elliott Project will have no problem moving to the full-length realm and succeeding there. With a distinctive sound that still hinges on bands from the nineties and today, The C Elliott Project, given the right push, will be able to bring tens of thousands of listeners into their flock in the next few years.

Top Track: Ever Wanted

Rating: 6.8/10

The C Elliot Project – Indicia EP / 2007 Self / 6 Tracks / / Reviewed 11 April 2007


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