The Charlestons – turn it up till your mommys screamin’ and your sisters dancin’ EP

Finally, some no-bullshit punk rock to blow the cobwebs off the Lancaster music scene. With perennial punk rawkers Evan and Shawn manning vocals and bass on this disc, The Charlestons are here to fuck your daughters and sing about it in a Op Ivy/Screeching Weasel brand of vocals. While this was recorded by some in-town individuals (The Charlestons thank Kenny from S.B.C.), the recording on this disc could easily be mistaken for something put out on Lookout, Hellcat, or Epitaph records. While the disc does not contain as much of the energy that The Charlestons put out in their average stage show, it does feature some clear sounding guitar riffs and simply attacking bass lines. While both “Kelly” and “two drink girl” seem destined for instant radio play, “grudged” is much more speedy, much more like old-school Queers music, which helps to break up any sense of complacency that one might feel with this disc. Although, I do not really know how people could find complacency in this disc, as it is at the most ten minutes long. The length here is the only thing I have an issue with, and Evan makes this statement in the CD liner to combat this : “Sorry, but wasn’t it Free? Yeah, it was, so shut your trap you litte baby.” Can you honestly deny yourself the pleasure of a free disc, especially of a band that has such personality and remarkably strong hold on the technical aspects of their music? Pick this disc up from the band, along with a sticker, at any live show they may play in the near future. Also, look for their full length coming out sometime soon!

Rating : 9.0/10

The Charlestons – turn it up till your mommys screamin’ and your sisters dancin’ EP / 2003 / 3 Songs / Free / Self-Released / /

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