The Features – Some Kind of Salvation (CD)

Some bands just know how to leave you wanting more. It’s been five very long years since Nashville-based psychedelic indie rockers The Features released their major label debut, the grossly underrated “Exhibit A”. The band is finally back with the second act, and it was well worth the wait. “Some Kind of Salvation” is brimming with the same combination of sunny harmonies, 60’s psychedelic organ and Motown horns that made such a strong impression the first time around.

At times experimental, but still extremely accessible, “Some Kind of Salvation” is the album that the Flaming Lips should have recorded after “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.” There is hardly a weak track on the record, from the ELO-inspired “GMF” to the more moodier “The Gates of Hell.” The record is an iPod killer, the type of album you listen to all the way through, again and again, rather than picking and choosing singles on shuffle. If there is any justice, “Some Kind of Salvation” will soon be getting The Features the adoration bands like Kings of Leon are currently soaking up.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10

The Features – Some Kind of Salvation/CD/14 Tracks/self-released/

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One thought on “The Features – Some Kind of Salvation (CD)”

  1. Love it and Loves this record!

    Rumor has it they will be touring with the Kings this fall so it won’t be long!

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