Baby On Board (DVD)

Baby on Board will be seen as a cult film ten or fifteen years down the road. Everything is there for that, whether it be the cast of underappreciated stars (Jerry O’Donnell, Lara Flynn Boyle, Heather Graham) or the seemingly random comedy that is present through the whole film. The reviews for this film have not been good, but one has to take them in stride and come into the film with an open mind.

Baby On Board surrounds the humor and hijinks inherent in pregnancy, all while throwing zany and wild situations into the mix. While there are a number of times where the film moves away from a realistic portrayal of pregnancy, anyone that has been pregnant or has been around someone that is pregnant will be able to identify with some of the humor in Baby on Board. Angela (Graham) and Curtis (O’Donnell) are thrown into disarray when Angela finds out that is ey pregnant.

Accusations of infidelity become the norm as neither can break themselves free of their successful careers while wrenches are thrown into the fixing of these problems by friends Sylvie (Katie Finneran) and Danny (John Corbett). The film does avoid what a number of different romantic comedies tend to do in cutting the film at the hour and a half mark: the film is able to end and succeed rather than drag on for another half hour or hour. Individuals that want Baby On Board to be a heady piece will be disappointed, but those that want a great popcorn movie that never skimps on the laughs would do well to purchase a copy on Amazon or eBay.

Rating: 7.2/10

Baby On Board (DVD) / 2009 E1 / 95 Minutes /

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