Clarkwise – Victory in the Storm (CD)

This is a single that is attempting to raise money for Katrina victims. This means that you should throw them some money, even if the music captured on the disc is atrocious.

Let me say, this music is only going to be impressive and salient to a very small segment of the population. This is not because it is bad or anything, but that it is done is a classic style of gospel music that even is falling slightly out of favor with even the gospel artists that are currently releasing music in the genre. The tempo of the vocal version of “Victory in the Storm” is long and drawn out, with enough time given to the lead female singer to properly enunciate each and every word that comes out of eir mouth. The second part of the track allows for a call and response between the lead singer and the chorus, while the arrangement of the track feels like a classic track throughout.

I guess there is nothing wrong with modifying the classics. While most of what is present is vocal, there are some things to be said of the funky bass that makes an entrance onto the end of the track. It is funky, choppy, and sadly is put at a level where only a few individuals will be able to hear what is going on. The one plus about this single is that there is an instrumental version that allows each thwack of the bass strings to be played. The only thing that makes me wonder about this single is that there is a mini EP for Clarkwise contained on this disc after “Victory in the Storm”. These tracks do not have much, if anything to do with the hurricane and hurricane relief. Should they still be placed on the disc? I have no answer for that, but they do provide a little more reason to pick up this EP. The inclusion of this EP means that there are seven tracks and the video on the disc, which may be enough to merit paying whatever price that Clarkwise has tagged these albums at. Again, pick up this album for the fact that some of the funds are going to hurricane relief, and perhaps the music will be some sort of reward for you. Most people will not like this music, but for those that do, Clarkwise create a solid brand of gospel that mixes old and new styles well.

Top Track: Victory in the Storm

Rating: 5.1/10

Clarkwise – Victory in the Storm / 2005 Omnific / 7 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 July 2006


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