Classical Ass – After Lunch We Kill Tony (CD)

Classical Ass if an odd band to categorize. Think equal parts Trans-Siberian Orchestra, They Might Be Giants, Anal Cunt, and Fu Manchu and one might have a little of an idea about their general sound. Each track has about the length of an Anal Cunt track and the same general subject-matter (You Make Me Wish I Was Deaf), but the arrangements have more of a White Stripes/Hives type feel. There are times during “After Lunch” where the band begins to find itself in a tremendous groove (Vicious Bastards) but a number of tracks spin themselves through without much in the way of hooks. Without having much in the way of overt political commentary, Classical Ass seems to be more of a direct descendent of Jello and the gang in the overall presentation of matters. The shredded guitar solos are present in both, and same goes with the nasal vocals continually present on each track. Classical Ass shows that they are hiding some impressive musical talent with their instrumental “Preferably Zombies”. “Zombies” is a track that is complete and different enough from itself that one will not get the least bit restless at its extended track-length (twice the length of nearly all of the tracks on this disc).

Classical Ass is a band as diverse as the listing of bands that were rattled off at the beginning of this review. As such, one would think that they attempted every different genre and sound very half-assed, but surprisingly each and every track is done with the same love and care as every other track on this disc. The recording on “After Lunch” is supportive of Classical Ass’s crazy antics; but even if the recording was made on a Fisherprice “Baby’s First Recorder”, the brilliance that is Classical Ass would still shine through. Beyond the timelessness of Classical Ass’s music, the fact is that the music on “After Lunch” is more “The Shape of Punk To Come” than anything that Refused could ever come out with. This is Zappa for the next millennium.

The 33 minutes that passes as the length of “After Lunch” is deceptive. This is simply not a short album, as Classical Ass insinuates so many different currents and sounds to each of the album’s 17 cuts that the disc is more of an experience than simply a piece of plastic. If you would like to hear an album that is revolutionary yet whole-heartedly influenced by all facets of music from the last thirty years, this is the album for you.

Top Tracks: Pattaya, Preferably Zombies

Rating: 7.1/10

Classical Ass – After Lunch We Kill Tony / 2004 Diaphragm Records / 17 Tracks / / / Reviewed 31 January 2005

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