Clearview Kills – Wrap This Around Your Neck (CD)

This is a brand of post-hardcore emo that comes through with a tremendous amount of energy. Mixing together A Static Lullaby with a number of acts like Between The Buried and Me, “Goodnight” comes through with churning guitars and a number of catchy vocals. Everything is ultimately transferable to mass radio, but the band is still able to put a growling, heavy sound into many of their tracks.” While a number of the guitar lines present on this track sound similar to the rest of the riffs that have been broken big in the past, the arrangements are crafted with a special brand of caring that will keep individuals interested throughout.

By far, Clearview Kills really breaks any previously-held expectations when they come forth with “Make Up”, a track that ties the radio friendly style that was created in previous parts of the disc with a energy that never fails the band throughout the track. Again coming to a nexus of hardcore and emo music for the penultimate “Lost and Lonely”, Clearview Kills show that they are not merely masters of their instruments but of the blank space between instrumental interludes. In “Lost and Lonely”, there is a breakdown in which the singers provide the only harmony; in this moment, individuals are only able to focus in the vocals, to which they are transformed a short time later. The mixture of speed and introspective sections to the final track “The Stereo” really provides a nice closure to this EP, showing Clearview Kills as perhaps the best emo-influenced band out on the market there, sharing that distinction with both Brookside and The Spotlight.

Clearview Kills would not surprise me to be on TRL or sharing a stage with Boys Night Out or Fall Out Boy in the next year or so; it has been a few years since Pittsburgh had some band to be proud of (no one since Anti-Flag signed to the major) and Clearview Kills might just be that act to win over the minds and hearts of Burgh-ers. The seven song format is perfect for Clearview Kills; on “Wrap This Around Your Neck” the band is able to have enough time to create a general sound for themselves but do not have enough time to really fall into a rut. Pick up this EP before their mugs are plastered all over magazines around the United States and the world.

Top Track: The Stereo

Rating: 7.2/10

Clearview Kills – Wrap This Around Your Neck / 2006 Self / 7 Tracks / / / Reviewed 07 March 2006


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