Corm – Audio Plane Kit (CD)

Almost like the metal put forth by Hydra Head, the opening to “Audio Flame Kit” really expands on the mentality of Corm before really brining in a simple indie or rock set of vocals. Essentially, one can look into the osuls of these individuals, who would eventually become Q and not U, The Elusive and The Maginot Line. The drums finally come in in a major way during “Architecture”, really expanding a simple formula for the Fugazi meets Replacements sound of Alex’s voice.

The almost dance tone of the drumbeat really gives this track a bouncy demeanor that belies a certain Offspring-like sound and urgency to the band’s music. What seems to be the strongest suit of Corm is their continual use of repetition to stab a certain melody deep into the heads of all that are listening. There is not necessarily the wide open spaces or experimental outputs of many an other indie band here, but rather a maintenance and cultivation of a style of music in much the same way as masters like the Ramones and the Replacement did on seminal albums like this. There seems to be a different way to construct music by Corm; this may be because the album is about a decade old (being released in 1996), but there seems to be something else. Perhaps Corm was influenced by the Dischord acts that they would ultimately reside near when this album was first released (Dischord put it out as a split with Shute).

It is key to remember that this is not the Dischord of Nation of Ulysses and Minor Threat, but rather the much more refined efforts of acts like Fugazi. While there is still a flame in Corm that screams punk, the music that is put out shows a greater emotional involvement than the simple anger of many a punk band. In a sense, Corm is working with a form of syncretism that shapes their music by involving all other forms of music that the band could identify as influences. It is not surprising that an instrumental, indie-rock track like “Braid” could be found amongst the rest of the music on “Audio Plane Kit”. “Braid” is a wonderful example of the previously mentioned emotional content, which brings listeners that much closer to the band. The simplistic sound of “Gospel Chariots” really mixes up the hardcore-punk of The Offspring with a Weezer-like appreciation of pop-rock.

Top Tracks: Architecture, Gospel Chariots

Rating: 7.1/10

Corm – Audio Plane Kit / 2005 Polyvinyl / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 09 December 2005


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