Family Guy – Volume 7 (DVD)

After a half dozen seasons, Fox’s Family Guy was starting to get a little creaky. There’s only so many times you can trot out the effeminate baby or coked up dog before the umpteenth rerun of a King of the Hill episode starts to look more appealing.

Not sure if it was the polarizing nature of the last election cycle or just a changeup of snacks in the writer’s room, but Season 7 of the Family Guy ended up being one of the strongest since the show was revived in 2002. The jokes are still just as random and Seth McFarland and team are still apt to drift into set ups of pop culture non sequiturs, but the story lines just seem that much more appropriate with this outing.

A time travel episode back to Nazi Germany, where Stewie finds a McCain/Palin campaign button inside a Nazi uniform was among the highlights (as well as the predictably shrill reaction the piece generated from conservatives across the Internet). Even extremely dated plot lines, like Peter and the boys’ obsession with Jackass stunts, elicit more laughs than the show has seen in years. Aside from a brief, but funny Q&A panel at Comic Con with the writers and cast, the extras on the DVD are pretty basic.

The DVD also gives you the option of watching all episodes unfiltered. There is little to prepare you for just how much more funny it is to hear a cartoon baby utter the word “fuck,” rather than a quick bleeped out edit.

Rating: 8.4 out of 10

The Family Guy – Volume 7/DVD/2009/Fox DVD/305 mins.

Family Guy

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