My Dinner With Jimi (DVD)

This DVD is insane. The story here surrounds The Turtles, whom may be best known for “Happy Together”, in a period of their life that details their claim to fame and visits to some of the best known musicians and figures of that period of time. The amount of different stars that are present in this film is considerable, whether it be through a role filled by George Wendt, John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sex and the City), or Justin Henry (Sixteen Candles).

What results with My Dinner With Jimi is a tremendously funny film that is based on somewhat real experiences held by the members of the The Turtles. Of particular note during this film, would have to be their experience with the draft board; after Frank Zappa’s manager informs them about ways out of getting drafted to Vietnam, they get absolutely bombed to be totally unfit for the military. Other trips bring them into the present of a very famous (at the time) John Lennon and the movie’s titular namesake. Despite the fact that this film is slightly on the low budget side, I feel as if there has been the utmost care taken in ensuring a realistic experience given to anyone that is lucky enough to pick up the film.

While I only knew The Turtles for the few singles that are played on classic rock stations, My Dinner With Jimi has lit a fire underneath me, ensuring that I will pick up more of their music in the months to come. This movie can be enjoyed even if the potential viewer has not heard anything from The Turtles; there is a humor present in the band’s story that can be appreciated by anyone old or young, due to the strong storyline and great acting turned in by the whole cast. Check this film out at whatever well-stocked music or video store that you may frequent.

Rating: 7.8/10

My Dinner With Jimi (DVD) / 2009 Infinity / 90 Minutes /

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