Naree – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (CD)

“Dr Jekyll” is a perfect track. I had not heard of Naree before receiving a copy of their “Jekyll & Hyde” disc for review, but after hearing this song, I am hooked. The style of music that this female-led act puts out is something that moves between alternative rock, pop, and even punk at points. This means that lead singer Naree simultaneously sounds like Avril Lavigne, Natalie Imbruglia, and Hayley Williams (Paramore). However, Naree is not an act that simply creates tracks for mass-market disbursal. “Life’s Lessons” is a fiercely emotional track that benefits just as much from the instrumental arrangements present as it does from Naree’s vocals.

The track operates on a different wavelength from “Dr Jekyll”, taking around five minutes to properly set up and complete a miniature epic that is never happy with the status quo. Even though “Life’s Lessons” is much more emotionally intense than “Dr Jekyll”, Naree has snuck in a chorus that will have listeners singing along no matter how many times they have heard the track. “A Song Written On An Arm” has a glorious rising action that gradually brings the listeners into the chorus. When there, listeners will be treated to a blend of instrumental and vocal adornments that may just be the most beautiful on “Jekyll & Hyde”. The care taken in the creation of this track gives Naree yet another solid track, while providing listeners with some of the most dense and intricate instrumentation to be found on this EP. “Never Leave You Alone” is a really a microcosm of all the different trends and tacks taken by Naree on “Jekyll & Hyde”, as the instrumentation is contemplative and intense while the vocals are catchy while contributing to the greater harmonies on the track.

“Deceive Me (Before We Get Too Close)” brings the bass to the fore, providing the perfect “dark” for Naree’s “light”; the interplay between the two here creates some of the most memorable examples of each. The guitars during “Deceive Me” stand as the dividing line between these two elements, fading out when Naree’s emotions ultimately are victorious. “Jekyll & Hyde” is a disc of hits, establishing Naree as a force that will be a household name in the next five to ten years. Buy this EP and get in on the ground floor.

Top Tracks: A Song Written On An Arm, Dr Jekyll

Rating: 9.0/10

Naree – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde / 2009 Self / 6 Tracks /

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