Reba: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD)

Few shows make it to their sixth season, but Reba did. Few shows showcase an evolutionary story arc, but Reba did. I would say that Reba was a damn good show for a cast that was headed up by someone who was primarily known for eir sappy country songs. The season starts out with “Let’s Get Physical”, which showcases the amount of different sub-plots and interactions that can successfully be resolved in the space of 30 minutes in Reba’s desire to not become the “fat friend” and Brock’s worry about Barbara Jean’s fidelity. The fact that there can be such an array of minor and major stories meshing with each other without audience confusion speaks volumes to the talent of writers and production present on the show by this point.

While the sixth season only has half as many episodes and any of the preceding seasons, I feel that there is a greater worth to the episodes contained here. Primarily contributing to that opinion would have to be the inclusion here of the show’s final episode, “The Kids are Alright”. In this episode, Van and Cheyenne have to shack up at Reba’s house after a small fire renders their house uninhabitable. Barbara Jean takes one of the biggest decisions in eir life by sticking with Brock even when an out of state promotion beckons, and everything is able to be completed neatly and without any major changes or shocking developments. The show could have went on longer, but “The Kids are Alright” is a fitting tribute to a great show.

Purchase the DVD set of the sixth season of Reba if you were a fan of the show; the price ($24; currently available at Amazon for $13) is a value for how much is present here. While it is not essential to buy the previous seasons’ box sets to appreciate the sixth season, it really is interesting to see how each of the main characters grow up over all 125 episodes.

Rating: 7.8/10

Reba: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD) / 2009 Fox / 269 Minutes /

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