Ted Nugent: Motor City Mayhem – 6,000th Concert (CD)

Ted Nugent has shown eirself to really be a renaissance person, whether it be through eir radio show or through eir voluminous music career. While “Motor City Mayhem” may not show bits and pieces of eir radio show, I feel that Nugent’s tremendous charisma comes through on this release. This is due to the fact that Eagle Rock has crafted one of the best live recordings that I have ever heard; aside from allowing the vocals to be at a clarity level that is similar to a studio recording , the mixdown ensures that the instrumentation on all of Nugent’s tracks here are not lost.

For those that want to know the nitty gritty of what is to be heard (and seen, if you buy the Blu-Ray release of this title), one need only tune in to the delightfully intense version of the “Star Spangled Banner” that begins the musical part of the first disc. The eleven songs on the first disc have a number of high tracks, whether it be a killer version of “Wango Tango” further bolstered by a “Free For All” that had the crowd going absolutely nuts. Later tracks on the first half of this release, whether it be “Love Grenade” or “Honky Tonk”, will keep listeners focused in on Nugent’s own unique brand of rock. The choice of tracks for the beginning of the second half of this concert shows care, as it blends tracks comprising the whole of Nugent’s career rather than focusing in on a specific set of years.

Nugent fans of all ages will be familiar with the trilogy of songs that come up towards the ending of this release, as ey launches into “Cat Scratch Fever”, “Stranglehold”, and “Great White Buffalo”. Nugent has made it through 6,000 performances, and I have a good feeling that eir will be able to tack on another 4,000 or so to bring that total up to 10,000. Show the Nuge that there is a reason to make it to that number by buying this title; “Motor City Mayhem” is a stellar life effort.

Top Tracks: Dog Eat Dog, Jenny Take A Ride

Rating: 8.6/10

Ted Nugent: Motor City Mayhem – 6,000th Concert / 2009 Eagle Rock / Minutes / http://www.tednugent.com / http://www.eagle-rock.com

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One thought on “Ted Nugent: Motor City Mayhem – 6,000th Concert (CD)”

  1. Ted Rocked my cradle and now he’s rockin my coffin woohooo
    Cat Scratch Fever Baby you go 6,000 strong and keep the damn
    Damn Yankees tour then<<< Richmond was a KIK ASS TOUR" w/ Bad Company
    Stay Strong brother Rocker Stay strong!!!

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