The Clockwork Crew – What About Us (CD)

12 song CD,2000. 35:45, practically 3 minutes a song. They are a 4 piece band from some East European nation that play some extremely catchy clear punk music in the vein of the first wave of punk bands to wash upon the U.K’s shores. The album is surprisingly clear with clean vocals and guitar. In “Saturday Night” the guitarist pulls off an amazing solo aside from his great axe work during the rest of the song. “You’re No Better” brings a very present bass into the mix, with some vocals that nearly rival the screeching accomplished by the hair bands of the 1980’s. A few catchy guitar riffs are to be noticed at times in this son, keeping up with the bass. The drummer doesn’t give up either, as he sticks it out quite well by being surrounded by other members of such talent. “Where Are They Now?” is a song in which the Clockwork Crew increases the tempo in what is to be the most catchy song on this disc, a feat in itself. The Clockwork Crew breaks the mold of most European punk bands, as most of them are going the way of Brains No More and Troublepeach, with a much harder sound. I want a lyrics sheet to be includes with this CD, as while I can hear the vocals, the CD has so much more to offer and I don’t want to be bogged down trying to decipher the lyrics.

This CD is too good to get angry at, as there are so few errors on this disc, and the songs are so catchy! “I’m So Bored” is wonderfully fast, a ode to all of the apathetic kids sitting around watching TV right now, and the chorus is simplistic yet instantly one of the more catchy ones around. “Little U.S. of A.” is another very solid song, with another catchy chorus and very sharp, intelligent lyrics that make you think. Other odd thing about this band is that the whole CD goes along without any unfulfilling tracks. The reason why this is so odd is that nearly all of the bands that I have reviewed have had one or two weak songs. “Hersham Heroes”, another great Clockwork Crew song, is unique in the fact that it has a multi-member chorus. “You Know Nothing” shows the more melodic style of singing that the lead singer of Clockwork Crew is capable. This album is one I would recommend to anyone desiring old style punk with covert political references thrown in. Go to their website at .


The Clockwork Crew – What About Us

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