The Council – Demonstration (CD)

There is a wonderful beginning to this Demonstration cd, as a shrill guitar solo goes into a rough metal delivery, with the influence of old Fear Factory, Coal Chamber, and Clutch to provide the listeners with an excellent moshing album. The contrasting use of guitars in the cd work better with the changing odf tempos. While both of the guitars are clearly heard, the bass is concealed through a double layer of guitars and drums. The first song is slightly too long, not hanging enough new material to the front for its’ weighty 6 minutes. Ominous would be the word to most perfectly describe the beginning of the second song, which consists of screaming intermixed with chanting lyrics a la Godsmack. Vocals on the second song are what salvage it from just being another heavy drum-driven song. However, the chanting doesn’t completely bring it out of anonymity, that job is left to the guitarist and his excellent screeching interludes. The second song is a tad bit more radio friendly at 5:00, which is almost perfect for a song like this. More of the same screaming is contained in the 4th song, whose saving grace is in some of the guitar riffs contained in the song. If you want this cd, send some money to BFD records, 3180-4b Country Club Drive, Cameron Park, CA 95682 or call them at 916.814.5861. Visit their website at


The Council-Demonstration

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