Black Whales – Origins EP (CD)

With just seven songs, the Black Whales manage to make a damn fine introduction to the world. With influences that are as varied as The Clash, The Beach Boys, Talking Heads and The Kinks, Origins manages to incorporate a myriad of influences while still sounding starkly original.

Songs like the rollicking “Young Blood” and the more rootsy “Origins” are among the strongest on the EP, though there’s not really a bad song to be found. It takes a lot for a new band to stand out in a top tier music city like Seattle, but the Black Whales have done just that with Origins. Can’t wait for a full LP.

Top tracks: “Young Blood” and “Origins”

Rating: 8 out of 10

Black Whales – Origins/CD/2009/7 tracks/Mt. Fuji records/

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