Jamiroquai – Live At Montreux 2003 (Blu-Ray)

Jamiroquai’s perfects at Montreux is impressive on all fronts. First off, for those that may be new to Jamiroquai’s music beyond their (few; “Virtual Insanity” heading them up) hits in America, there are a number of new tracks to sink ones teeth into. For those that wish to see a pre-Dynamite version of the act, this performance seems to give 1999’s “Synkronized” and 2001’s “A Funk Odyssey” much more in the way of coverage than later concerts would. Furthermore, viewers that require their performances to be captured at the most impressive level possible will be placated by the crisp transfers on both audio and video fronts. In a short statement, this Blu-Ray release has something for everyone.

The concert itself starts off with “Use The Force”, a 10-minute plus track that stands against convention. Where most bands would gradually ease their listeners in slowly, Jamiroquai goes for the gusto and creates a scintillating track that will have home viewers sitting on the edge of their seats. The action continues to build up with “Canned Heat”, in a performance that really shows why Jamiroquai topped the charts with it. It is “Cosmic Girl”, the show’s next milestone, that deserves coverage most of all. Where many of the songs performed here were at the very least equivalent in quality to their studio versions, “Cosmic Girl” (the act’s second single off of “Travelling Without Moving”) is absolutely mind-blowing, with Jay Kay feeding off all the lighting and audience energy to provide a performance that still sticks with me.

There are a great many dance and electronic acts that cannot hack it when it comes to a live performance, but the larger than life personality of Jay Kay and skill of the rest of the performing members showcase the fact that any fan of Jamiroquai should make it out to see their band live. Barring spending the money to go to Malaysia or Madrid, fans should look into picking up the Blu-Ray edition of their 2003 Montreux performance. Here’s to hoping that Eagle Rock commission further live concerts or audio releases of Jamiroquai concerts; I feel that the act can shine even brighter than their studio albums would show.

Rating: 9.0/10

Jamiroquai – Live At Montreux 2003 (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Eagle Rock Entertainment / 150 Minutes / http://www.jamiroquai.com / http://www.eaglerockent.com

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