Northern Light Orchestra

The Northern Light Orchestra is a supergroup, and as such, will undoubtedly provide a ‘meeting of the minds” type of moment for anyone that is lucky enough to listen in to their music. This means that acts as diverse as Beach Boys, House of Lords, Alice Cooper, Backstreet Boys, and Fifth Angel are represented here. The simple fact is that an act like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will likely have a run for their money, as the Free Christmas Music that is given listeners by the Northern Light Orchestra is simply stellar. It may still be a few months before the holiday actually happens, but catch up on your Christmas Rock Downloads today by checking out their Myspace at . Whether it is tracks like “We Worship You”, “Child of Abraham”, or the other Free Christmas Music Downloads that are present, listeners of all stripes will be able to find something that they can appreciate. If you are around the Arizona area, check out the Northern Light Orchestra in December. They play the Orpheum in Mesa on the 12th, while they release their DVD on the 22nd soon after. I know that I’m fairly secular and I had a heck of a time listening in.

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