Shaky DeVille – Shaky DeVille (CD)

Shaky DeVille has a refreshing sound that uses styles that have been beaten down in the previous few decades (Irish punk, Rockabilly) and has tied them together in a new and fun arrangement. Nowhere is better to hear than during “M.V.T.”, a splashy, fast-paced track that still finds enough time to throw in a sizzling bit of guitar work. The act may seem a bit discombobulated at points, but there are always linkages – whether it be the charismatic vocals or the splashy drums – that provide some semblance of order to the disc.

“Let’s Roll” goes in two distinct directions; the guitars are much more gritty than they were in “M.V.T.”, but the vocals feel like some sort of hybrid between Brian Setzer, Roy Orbison, and Elvis himself. The lead guitars straddle the line between these two different styles, making for another spastic and catchy track. Aside from the skill that each member of Shaky DeVille brings to the table, I feel that anyone that likes music will appreciate this release due to the band’s unique sound. “It’s Hard” continues to rock the boat, throwing in a country twang to the mix. Like legends such as Mojo Nixon and Hank the III, Shaky DeVille is able to really thrive in this environment and create a track that can work both in the harder rock/punk genres as well as it would with those that prefer to wear ten-gallon hats and boots.

“Prayers” speeds things back up, but continues to keep the punk/rockabilly/country blend alive. The vocals go full-hog into the latter genre, but Shaky DeVille’s musical side further ups the ante by adopting hints of Dick Dale and the rest of the surf-rock genre. The eclecticism exhibited by Shaky DeVille allows for tracks like “Toronado!” to present on an album which also contains “M.V.T.”; the band seems to be having tons of fun while coming out with some of the best fusion that I have heard in recent times. Pick up this album, see Shaky DeVille live, and see why they are so freaking amazing.

Top Tracks: Sleep, #7

Rating: 8.1/10

Shaky DeVille – Shaky DeVille / 2009 Self / 9 Tracks /

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