Strip Club King (DVD)

Before watching Strip Club King, I had not ever heard of Joe Redner. This film, the latest release from Passion River, looks to explain exactly whom ey is and why ey is important. Essentially, Redner is the owner of The Mons Venus, a strip-club that stands at the head of the accomplishments that ey has created over the course of eir life. The story told by Strip Club King is something that seems as hard to believe as the plot of Forrest Gump. This means that viewers will learn about Redner’s countless arrests, eir struggle with education (picking up eir GED at 40 years old), and even about the different public offices that ey has ran for over the course of eir life.
The different locales, interviews, and stories that are present here all join together to make a hell of a story, one that is as hard to believe as it is interesting. Despite all the humor and interest generated by the narrative in Strip Club Kin, I feel that there is a little harder of reporting going on here. This means that Shelby McIntrye’s direction seems to touch upon issues of obscenity, profanity, and the first amendment in the United States.

While the story may be full of more adult material, I feel that Shelby has done a stellar job in making a tasteful go at things. If you would like to learn the life story of someone that may have existed below one’s radar, give Strip Club King a go. Keep an eye on McIntyre as well – the solid effort put out here bodes well for any other ventures that ey may commit into in the next few years.

Rating: 8.0/10

Strip Club King (DVD) / 2009 Passion River / 80 Minutes /

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