Beach Contest

The Sandestin Golf Beach Resort is one of the best known and expansive types of resorts out there. Whether it is through one of the club’s countless amenities or other frills, people that are lucky enough to put in some time there will have an experience that they never will forget. For those individuals that may not normally have the money to go forth and spend a week or so at the resort, there is an essay contest on the books that will ensure that they have all their creature comforts paid for. View the in-story links and one could be eligible for just that, or (if they are lucky enough), a Maserati Quattroporte. The web site has all the details and requirements, and will update accordingly as the contest grinds on. So, if you are an individual that likes the finer things but has not been able to reach their goal, go and fill out an essay and submit it – you will not be disappointed. Check the web site for other contests, and have a nice holiday season, regardless of what denomination or religion that one may be. Hopefully you are the lucky one that can home some of these nice prizes.

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