Know Your Mushrooms (DVD)

Know Your Mushrooms is directed by Ron Mann, who was the creative mind behind counter-cultural film Grass, along with Go Further and Comic Book Confidential. The film is centered around the magic mushroom – psilocybin – where Mann looks to determine whether there is any merit to the alarmist claims put forth by the government or related groups, or if there could conceivably be some benefit to popping a quarter of ‘shrooms and seeing where the winds of chance may take you. The film links together Larry Evans and Gary Lincoff – two veterans of the scene – in an experience that brings viewers the thrill of the hunt as well as some of the magic present in the mushrooms in question.

Know Your Mushrooms seems to have everything present. First off, it approaches the drug culture in a way that is respectful without going forth and seeming overly uptight or otherwise dry. Secondly, there is a soundtrack that matches the film’s ebb and flow perfectly, with a set of bands as diverse as The Flaming Lips and even The Sadies coming forth and keeping things interesting. Thirdly, Docurama has put enough added features here to keep viewers interested well after the hour and a quarter mark of the film’s runtime.

Key among these features would have to be the Gary Lincoff piece hosted from the Mushroom Festival in Telluride, as well as the different groups that have been eagerly searching out everything to do with the little fungi. Also, the trivia game that is here – Fun With Fungi – will provide viewers with a number of facts that they can then disseminate throughout their circle of friends.

Rating: 9.0/10

Know Your Mushrooms (DVD) / 2009 Docurama Films / 73 Minutes / /

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