The Bramble Jam – Move Your Boots (CD)

While The Bramble Jam is an act that is centered into the younger set, I feel that the act’s musicianship is so stellar that fans of all ages can appreciate what is put forth on “Move Your Boots”. “Going To A Party” is catchy as all get out, with both sets of vocals bolstered by a vaguely tribal agglomeration of bongos, percussion, and other instruments. “Pancakes” has a slower, funkier groove present that really showcases The Bramble Jam’s love of acts like They Might Be Giants. While there are good messages present throughout the entirety of “Move Your Boots”, the rich instrumentation here may just be the most bright point of “Move Your Boots”. Whether it is My Morning Jacket, Jane’s Addiction, or the aforementioned TMBG, The Bramble Jam’s nineties-alternative digs are some of the best in their class.

“Jack Came Back” shifts things back to the folk revival of the sixties, with hints of Phil Ochs and Pete Seeger strewn throughout. However, instead of merely gussying up their sound in the folk movement, a sizzling jazz horn strings its way through “Jack Came Back”, putting a cherry on the top of that delightful sundae. The Bramble Jam keeps things going through the later registers of “Move Your Boots”, as well. “Caught In The Moonlight” is another interesting amalgamation, with the act operating at the nexus of Warren Zevon and Cat Stevens.

The female vocals are not quite as present here, but they bolster the male vocals, providing warmth when needed. “Piggies” is another track that showcases The Bramble Jam’s skill when they try their hand at country. “Move Your Boots” is a great album, one that crosses through a number of genres and different musical styles. This, along with some great messages for children, make this a must buy for anyone that is looking to increase their child’s horizons, as well as for anyone that wants to hear some great music, which was produced by Boston legend Asa Brebner.

Top Tracks: Going To A Party, Caught in the Morning Sunbeam

Rating: 8.0/10

The Bramble Jam – Move Your Boots / 2009 Self / 15 Tracks /

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