Big Love: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set)

Big Love was a show that I had heard boatloads about, but only got to pick up on the show when the wife and I were at the Arcade in Cleveland. The one thing that we noticed is that HBO has done a hell of a job ensuring that viewers that might be completely new to the show (like we were) would be able to appreciate any random episode. The third season contains a large amount of different twists and turns in regards to the plot that consumes all sides of the Henrickson family and anyone that Bill et al may ultimately touch. This means that Bill, the leader of the family, is trying to hold everything together as ey considers an additional wife, while all sides of the family, be it Sarah (Amanda Seyfried), Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton), or even the trio of wives look to take eir down a notch.

The additional features that have been bundled with the show will further flesh out and garner appreciation for the cast and the crew of the show. This means that “Three Past Midnight” attaches the characters to the real-life situation regarding polygamy in the United States, where “Their Stories So Far” is a nice catch-up for those that may not recall the particular happenings of Barb, Bill, Margene, and Nicki over the course of the last two episodes. The sharpness of the picture in thios box set even exceeds that of the original broadcast, while there is a clarity to the audio here that is easily at the level of a Blu-Ray release.

Make sure to check out when Season 4 finally premieres at 9 PM on January 10th. If you missed any of the storyline up to this point, pick up this or either of the two preceding seasons. 10 hours of the Henrickson family will go by incredibly fast, but there is more than enough here to keep viewers interested.

Rating: 9.2/10

Big Love: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set) / 2009 HBO / 600 Minutes /

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