Bushmills: Black Bush (Irish Whiskey)

The bottle of Black Bush came in a metal tin that showcases its pedigree, which can be traced back over 400 years. There is a rich golden-amber color to Bushmill’s Black Bush that is alluring but at the same time showing the hard-hitting side of the spirit. The initial nose of Black Bush is a little less biting than a Tennessee whiskey, but is not quite as smooth as some scotches.

It is this intricacy that is the hallmark of Black Bush, ensuring that a simple sip will be unable to impart the entirety of the whiskey’s spirit. The casking process, which ties Ireland’s oldest distillery with sherry casks, is what really gives Black Bush this complexity.

Where the whiskey burn is present throughout all experiences, there are hints of grapes, apricots, and even slight bits of citrus that come and go as they please. Added to that is a little bit of a spice kick, which seems to me to be a blend of allspice and cinnamon, that ensures that the Black Bush does not seem too fruity or alcohol-based.
With a price point that is under $35, the Black Bush is something that anyone that fancies themselves a whiskey aficionado can easily pick up. Bushmills has been in operation for 400 years, and that is for a great reason – they put out one of the world’s finest whiskeys. While individuals could conceivably do a sweet tea or Whiskey Sour, I feel that the Black Bush is best in a classic format. Either done as a shot or on the rocks, Black Bush is one of the best whiskeys that we have tasted so far in 2010. Buy a bottle and see if you agree with me.

Rating: 8.5/10

Bushmills: Black Bush (Irish Whiskey) / 80 Proof / http://www.bushmills.com

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