Election Day (DVD)

Election Day is a film that looks to showcase all the different sides of the 2004 election in a way that had never been done before. While there have been tremendous amounts of time given to the president speeches and such from the era, Katy Chevigny wants to see how everything can be placed together to create a cogent narrative. The geographic focus of the film is just as large as the distances covered by each story that Chevigny covers.

This means that individuals are tapped, residents of Florida out to the West Coast while a panoply of voices – former felon, poll workers, and activists – are all given a voice. The quality of the film is enough to showcase the wild disparities that are present between each of these stories, while ensuring that each individual is able to be heard and understood whenever they are prodded to provide their story.
The additional scenes that are present in Election Day are at a caliber that is equal to that of the feature film, rather than being the clippings from a film that were seen to be weaker than the rest. It is great then that they are provided viewers as a featurette, while the interview that is conducted with Katy Chevigny is great in showcasing some pieces of the film that may not normally be focused on. While I was not familiar with Chevigny’s work up to this point, I know I will keep an ear to the ground when it comes to any other works that ey may commission in the next few years.

Rating: 8.0/10

Election Day (DVD) / 2009 Docurama / 84 Minutes / http://www.electiondaythemovie.com

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