Ty Ku Liqueur (40 Proof)

We were lucky enough to get a chance to review the Ty Ku Sake a few months back, and we were even more lucky to get a second shipment from Ty Ku offices a few days back. Enclosed was a bottle of their Sojo (which we’ll get reviewed in due time) and a 750 of this green-tinted spirit. What purchasers will first notice is the button at the bottom of the bottle, which illuminates the spirit nicely. After they get a chance to open the bottle, they will be greeted with a very sugary and fruit-filled nose that simultaneously touches upon lemon-lime, orange, and even Kool Aid notes.

With such an inviting set of attributes, the Ty Ku Liqueur will be the hit of any party or social function that it is present at. The alcohol content of the liqueur is sufficiently low (20%) that individuals could just sip or shoot it all night, but I feel that Ty Ku shines the brightest when it is married to different juices or mixers. For example, one of the best cocktails that I have had in recent memory is the Skinny Senorita, which uses 1.5 ounces of Ty Ku and .25 ounces of tequila mixed in with a splash of soda water and a little bit of lemon to create something light while still alcoholic.

For those that want to see the pure beauty of Ty Ku, try out the Ty-Tini (1.5 ounces of Ty Ku, .25 ounces Citrus-flavored Vodka, and a little bit of soda). Ty Ku is at a position where it could easily dethrone both Hpnotiq and Nuvo in the new year, and if all the music videos are true, it has already done so. Pony up the $25 or so to pick up a 750 of Ty Ku and see what all the fuss is about.

Rating: 8.4/10

Ty Ku Liqueur (40 Proof) / Liqueur / http://www.trytyku.com

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8 thoughts on “Ty Ku Liqueur (40 Proof)”

  1. Hmm..I wonder if i’d like this if i never liked hypnotiq or nuvo. the sake I would be more interested in probably.

  2. I don’t like hypnotiq either and i’ll never drink anything colored hot pink, but that ty ku liqueur and patron is my drink!! The sake chilled is also good

  3. I have tried Ty Ku before and honestly its not that sweet. Hypnotiq is wayyy to sweet for me but the Ty Ku is very naturally sweet….not the shit that gives you a headache.

  4. I recently took the jump give TY KU a try myself and now I can’t go back to any other liqueur, sake or soju! Do yourself a favor and take the jump like I did, you won’t be sorry. (:

  5. the liqueur is way smoother than those like hipnotiq and the bottle is awesome. the sake is amazing! i just recently tried the soju too. great low cal sub for vodka.

    a bunch of recipes using ty ku i found online here: http://bit.ly/g31jcA

  6. I recently tried the sake after trying the soju can’t wait to try the liqeur I bet it’s as delicious!

  7. the soju is definitely my favorite – so smooth & guilt free..can’t top it. half the calories of regular vodkas? amazing.

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