Room Full of Strangers – We’re All Living The American Dream (CD)

“My American Dream” comes forth with Room Full of Strangers taking on Glenn Danzig-era Misfits to craft something that will play well on any hard rock radio station. The act is not that straightforward, as it becomes obvious after a few listens that Room Full of Strangers calls forth the spirit of a scintillating blend of rock and heavier acts. “The Night That Could Never End” continues this trend, with Room Full of Strangers marrying perfectly a more retro rock style with a more contemporary rock set of digs. The production on “We’re All Living The American Dream” is simply fantastic, while the guitars and drums continually push each other to higher and higher quality.

Where it seems as if most bands from an earlier period have started to show their age (both in terms of their faces and of their music from the original era), Room Full of Strangers create music that is vibrant, hard-rocking, and will be so ten or fifteen years after the band calls it a day. “Part of Me” continues building up the band’s mythos, showcasing the fact that the act can approach a track in a slower fashion and still be as compelling as they have ever been. The brooding guitar line that starts the track alongside the vocals stands against a harder, chunkier sound brought the track by the band (think The Cult meets solo Danzig).

“FTLO” is the final track on the EP, and it may just be the hardest that Room Full of Strangers gets. There is a little bit of psychedelic metal and goth influence playing at the guitar and vocal levels (Bauhaus, Swans) even as the act continues to craft their own unique sound. Where most acts slack off on the ends of their tracks, Room Full of Strangers are fighting and kicking until the end. Check out this CD, see them live, and prepare to be rocked in a way that one hasn’t since record stores stopped stocking vinyl.

Top Tracks: My American Dream, The Night That Could Never End

Rating: 8.5/10

Room Full of Strangers – We’re All Living The American Dream / 2010 Self / 5 Tracks / /

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